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Research posts Apex Predator of the Cambrian Likely Had a Soft Diet Biomechanical research reveals that Anomalocaris canadensis wasn’t strong enough to crack trilobite shells as once thought. July 5, 2023 Research posts New Species of Extinct Bat Described From Oldest Bat Skeletons Researchers found that 52-million-year fossils recovered from Wyoming’s Green River Formation represented a new species. April 12, 2023 Research posts Worldwide Collections Database Maps 1 Billion Objects Initiative surveyed natural history museum collections in 73 museums as part of new approach to a global collection. March 23, 2023 Research posts Ancient “Marsupial Sabertooth” Likely Saw in 3D New study examines how Thylacosmilus, an extinct mammal with eyes positioned like a cow’s, managed to see in 3D anyway. March 21, 2023 Research posts New Atlas of Insect Respiratory Systems Produced Using CT Scanning Insect tracheal systems, which are too delicate to dissect and challenging to study, were mapped using micro-CT scanning of 29 species. March 17, 2023 Research posts Museum Researchers Describe New Species of Nocturnal Primate New study based on historic museum specimens formally recognizes a second species of pygmy loris. March 13, 2023 Research posts Catfish Described by Museum Researchers Highlighted in New Species Report The new freshwater catfish species was the first in its genus to be described from Africa in more than 40 years. March 3, 2023 News Posts Astronomer Jackie Faherty Awarded NSF CAREER Grant Faherty will work to develop the most complete map ever generated of our solar neighborhood. February 9, 2023 Research posts Researchers Count Body Segments of 1,500 Trilobite Species The number of trilobite body segments have stayed the same over 250 million years, despite shifting positions in the body. January 6, 2023 Research posts Glassfrogs Hide Red Blood Cells in Liver to “Disappear” New study shows glassfrogs achieve transparency by storing red blood cells in uniquely reflective livers. December 22, 2022 Research posts Study Reveals Potential Water Worlds in Kepler-138 System Twin planets 218 light years away from Earth are likely largely composed of water surrounding a rocky core. December 15, 2022 Research posts Researchers Produce First Taxonomy for Placozoan Phylum Scientists categorized tiny amoeba-like organisms into a family tree of new classes, orders, and families in a new animal phylum. 2022年12月9日
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